Mod Squad Wallpaper - 105 Light Green Teal by Beverly Hills Wallpaper - Designer Wallcoverings and Fabrics

Pattern Description:

Coordinate for the most famous wallpaper in the world as seen at the Beverly Hills Hotel - Beverly Hills Wallpaper BH90210. The stripe coordinate of BH90210 available in your custom width. Printed on Smooth Paper. A Pattern Design Lab Original Wallpaper created Exclusively for Designer Wallcoverings. Printed on Eco-Friendly Smooth WallPaper unless otherwise specified on final order. Not pre-pasted, must be installed with paste. Available on durable textured commercial vinyl, self adhesive, grasscloth, shiny mylar and other unique background materials. Colors and Scale may be adjustable for your custom needs.

Beverly Hills Wallpaper

Mod Squad Wallpaper - 105 Deep Green by Beverly Hills Wallpaper


$5.00 USD

1 Unit = 30 square feet
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