Abnormal Anonymous

Abnormal AnonymousAbnormal AnonymousAbnormals Anonymous, a fresh west coast studio, was born with intentions tocreate unique, personalized spaces and make you smile. The inspiration for their charming papers is drawn from nature’s oddities and designed to spark your curiosity. Infused with coastal, floral and wildlife motifs, this collection reinvents elements of tradition with dramatic and playful patterns. Expect the unexpected.

Abnormals Anonymous per draws inspiration from the beauty of nature’s oddities and then rewrite the story into one of luscious color and grand scale. The wallpapers are designed to speak to a refined audience with a curiosity for uncommon design. The eco-minded process includes printing all of the papers with non-solvent and VOC-free inks. A new commercial strength ground material made from 31% post consumer recycled content (can contribute to LEED credits) is offered. Papers are fully customizable.