The World Famous Beverly Hills Hotel & Wallpaper

Beverly Hills Hotel
Our signature banana leaf print has sparked a global trend!
The iconic banana leaf wallpaper was created
for the hotel in 1949 and still adorns the walls.
It’s become an iconic symbol of this unique building.
- Dorchester Group, Beverly Hills Hotel, 2018 -
Beverly Hills Hotel
A popular dancer, fashion designer and interior decorator, Don Loper, 
created the Beverly HIlls Banana Leaf Wallpaper exclusively
for the Beverly Hills Hotel.
It may have been called the Pink Palace Wallpaper at the tim.
Loper was a true creative spirit.  An artist. Martinique WallpaperBeverly Hills Hotel
* Shown: Banana Leaf Mural down the staircase. )*
In the 1930s and early 1940s Loper worked as a dancer,
costume designer, and set designer across the U.S.and in New York.
Beverly Hills Hotel
Loper had a fashion boutique on Sunset Blvd.
Don Loper

Loper’s first building, located at 8723 Sunset Boulevard

Loper, also an interior designer (having worked on the Brown Derby and the Beverly Hills Hotel) as well as a clothing designer and entertainment Renaissance man,

Don Loper's classic banana leaf palm wallpaper design
has fueled a revolution of design inspirations.
Beverly Hills Hotel
From carpets to fabrics, to furniture, fashion accessories
and shoes to inspiring many other talented wallpaper
designers to create a new modern twist on his timeless classic. The Beverly Hills Hotel
Celebrities Love the Hotel
Jane Russell