Hunt Slonem, a world-renowned artist, has collaborated with Groundworks to create stunning fabrics and wallpapers based off his Neo-Expressionist paintings of exotic animals and insects like tropical birds and butterflies, the latter of which Slonem collected as a boy. 
Having grown up in Hawaii and spent a year in Nicaragua, Slonem pulls inspiration from the colorful natural environment of these locations. His paintings of the animals in these habitats often employ his special technique called cross-hatching that adds texture to his paintings. ‘Fritillery’, the fabric portraying Hunt’s butterfly motif, mimics this texture through layers of embroidery. 
Slonem’s work features recurring themes, as the artist believes that repetition is the way to divinity, including his signature bunnies that are displayed by the hundreds on a wall in his visually stunning art studio. ‘Bunny Wall’ and ‘Hop Along’, two wallpapers from his exclusive line depict this signature rabbit motif.
Gorgeous and truly unique, this collection of designer fabrics and wallpapers will turn your walls and home into a work of art!Ground Works