Sanderson Wallpaper and Fabrics


As one of the oldest surviving English soft furnishing brands, Sanderson is

famous today for a signature style that is informed by our heritage

and designed for modern living.



Our look combines classic, hand-drawn patterns with

fresh, vibrant colours that are elegant yet easy to live with.

Sanderson belongs in family homes where style matters

but not at the expense of comfort. 



When you bring Sanderson into your home, you get that indefinable

sense of reassurance from a brand with a great history. Our ancestry

dates back to 1860 in Islington, London, where Arthur Sanderson began

importing luxury French wallpapers.



By 1881, Arthur Sanderson had built a wallpaper factory in

Chiswick and was producing ranges under his own name. Three of his sons

had also joined the business, which was renamed Arthur Sanderson & Sons.

When Arthur died in 1882, the company continued to

flourish as a family business.


By 1899, Sanderson had the largest wallpaper showroom in

London and the company was exporting to the British

colonies and the USA. Fabrics followed and in 1919 the company

opened a textile-printing factory in Uxbridge, producing Sanderson's

own range of fabrics and firmly establishing the brand as a British favourite.


1940 saw two major changes to the business.


War had broken out across Europe, resulting in paper shortages

and a need to redirect production to the war effort.

This halted any new collections until 1950. Sanderson also bought the

design archives and existing wallpaper stock from Morris & Co. an

equally famous brand, which had gone into voluntary liquidation.

The Morris & Co. name and heritage was therefore preserved and

still remains part of the family.


 Our pledge is to protect the great legacy of two of the most

significant brands in British history and ensure they can continue

to enrich homes and lives for many years to come.