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TempoTest Outdoor FabricsThe Parà Industrial Group was founded in 1921. For over three generations, this family owned company has been producing premium high performance textiles used in a variety of applications including sun protection, marine, and indoor/outdoor furnishing and accessories.
TempoTest Outdoor FabricsParà has grown into a globally recognized brand thanks in part to its hallmark Italian style.
TempoTest Outdoor FabricsThis along with a relentless commitment to innovation and producing only the highest quality products, Parà has established themselves as a key player in the international market.
The Parà Group has earned the reputation for manufacturing some of the industry’s highest quality textiles. “Made in Italy” with a strong focus on every detail - from the spinning and weaving stages, through the printing and dyeing, to the coating and finishing line - the Parà Group has become synonymous with high-end quality, style and service.