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After becoming the first wholesaler of paint and wallpaper in Memphis, Seabrook Wallcoverings incorporated in 1946 with James Sr. serving as its first President.  The company continued to grow, assigning sales representatives to neighboring states.  They became a regional distributor of wallcoverings, setting up warehouses and showrooms in multiple locations throughout the area.  1958 saw James Seabrook Jr. join the company.  He became President in 1982 and led the company's continued growth for over two decades.  His son, Hunter, came aboard in 1983, and by the mid-1990's Seabrook had achieved nationwide distribution.

104 years after its founding, Seabrook Wallcoverings continues to be a family-owned business, run by third and fourth generation Seabrooks. We continue to build on the vision Seabrook was founded upon- helping our customers transform their interior spaces to reflect who they are. And with over a century of experience, Seabrook has demonstrated time and again that we understand the evolving interests, tastes, and product needs of the customers we serve.